The purpose of this notice is to warn about possible losses associated with transactions in the financial markets.

There are systemic risks in the financial market that reflect the socio-political and economic conditions of the country’s development and are not associated with a specific financial market instrument.

From Risk Averse to Risk Aware

The main systemic risks include political risk, the risk of unfavorable changes in legislation in terms of business conditions, macroeconomic risks, for example, a sharp devaluation of the national currency, a crisis in the government debt market, a banking crisis, a currency crisis, etc. Systemic risks also include risks of force majeure circumstances.

There are also financial risks, which represent the risks of real damage and lost profits arising from the implementation of financial transactions due to the possible adverse effect of many market factors on them. The likelihood of financial risks is usually higher than systemic ones.

There is a risk of a conflict of interest in the activities of a professional participant in the securities market and his client, a conflict of interests of different clients, a conflict of interest when combining professional activities in the securities market.

А has developed and applies in its activities procedures and measures aimed at identifying conflicts of interest, as well as preventing its consequences.

Given the above, the Client should carefully consider whether transactions in the financial market and possible losses are acceptable for the Client in the light of his financial capabilities.

All of the above is not intended to force the Client to abandon operations in the financial market but is only intended to help the Client understand the risks associated with the implementation of these operations, determine their acceptability, assess their financial goals and capabilities, and responsibly approach the issue of choosing an appropriate investment strategy, as well as software for carrying out transactions in the financial market.

Before entering into an agreement, we ask the Client to read the detailed description of the risks, the general nature and sources of conflict of interest in the Notice of Risks Associated with Transactions on the Securities Market, Concluding Transactions with Derivative Financial Instruments, the underlying asset of which is securities of foreign issuers or indices, calculated for such securities.

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