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How to Register a Forex Account and Start Trading

Ready to start making money in the financial markets? Trading on the Forex asset market takes place via the Internet, therefore, regardless of which asset you are interested in, the first thing that every trader needs to do is to register a Personal Account and open a trading account in order to gain access to the exchange.

How do I register at amaffx.com?

Here you will find instructions on how to open your first trading account, as well as recommendations to help you choose the most suitable parameters for it.

The registration process at amaffx.com will take from 2 to 5 minutes, and the simplicity and availability of the procedure will delight beginners. The registration form is quite easy, you need to enter your personal data in it to cooperate with the company.


Registration at amaffx.com takes place in several stages.

Initially, you need to enter your first name, Chinese name, nationality, and place of residence, as well as a valid email address. If you have a Chinese passport, please include your real name as it appears on it.

Some people fear that their personal data will fall into the wrong hands, and therefore enter a fake name, e-mail, and other data, but this is not necessary and even strongly not recommended.
You have ended up in a reliable company with a good reputation and all the necessary licenses. Amaffx.com applies a privacy policy and does not disclose its clients’ data.
Your real data and email are needed in order to avoid fraud and theft of your funds and to notify the client about all important changes, send passwords, reports on replenishment or withdrawal of funds. If your data is incorrect, you simply cannot withdraw your funds, and the broker company just cannot contact you.

Also, choose a leverage level that determines the relative amount of bank credit provided to a trader for margin trading. Leverage is the financial instrument that increases the purchasing power of your capital. It is only available to holders of a margin account. Leverage allows you to pay only for a portion of the acquired assets, and the rest is provided by margin. Thus, you get the opportunity to open more positions than a cash account allows.

A letter from the company will be sent to your e-mail with data on the type of trading platform, server name, your account number, and password to access it. In the same letter, you will find a link to the User Center, where you can make a deposit and manage your account.
From your Personal Account, you can already carry out all the necessary actions – open accounts, deposit or withdraw funds, change data and settings, and contact support for all questions.

Оn the amaffx.com website in the Platforms section, select and download the MT 4 platform type suitable for your device and operating system.

Install the MT 4 trading terminal, open the application and enter your Ama account data to log in, after that Amaffx.com account will automatically update your account status.

To start trading and making real money on the international financial markets, deposit money into your real account. Select the Deposit/Withdrawal section in your personal account and click “Deposit”. You will see the wallet addresses corresponding to each cryptocurrency. You can fund your account with the main cryptocurrency Bitcoin, or one of the stablecoins – USDT-ERC20 and USDT-TRC20. Select the appropriate type of digital asset, copy the address of the corresponding wallet and transfer the funds.

After the registration process is completed, you will already become a full-fledged client of the broker and will be able to trade on the Forex market. Good luck!

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