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By registering with our company you gain access to a multitude of verified and trading signals and trader portfolios. When making investments through our site all transactions are insured, promising you earn 50% of all profits made from copy-trading transactions and a full refund on investment losses.


Our company offers a great deal of benefits such as verified signals and up-to-date analytics and news for all kinds of traders and investors from beginners to experts.


Simply register an account to start trading today to see the rewards for yourself.

This article is about how to use the experience of thousands of traders for your own enrichment. About how not to make a mistake in this choice. About pitfalls and correct assessment of prospects.


The broker is responsible for fulfilling your obligations – assumed when placing an order in the market and obligations to you – if you correctly predict the behavior of the currency rate.

1. Registration of a trading account with a Forex Broker

2. Registration with KTA experts

3. Registration of insurance

Welcome to our step by step guide on how to trade with amaffx and amaffx partners.

Trading on the Forex market is done through a registered  verified forex broker. When registering with a forex broker you can invest your money through them and they will personally  manage and update your trading information based on the trading signals you choose in your MT4 trader account. The broker does not personally trade with your money, rather, they use their own funds to complete all your trading requests while your funds are held in a secured banking system.

For novice traders or people who do not have a lot of time to spend studying forex market analytics, copy trading is the most beneficial form of trading. Copy trading allows you to copy the signals of other professional traders, meaning  you do not have to be as knowledgeable of the market as you otherwise would, you only need to see the statistics of your selected trading  signal to see if it suits you.. By using our services you can gain access to the forex market and also use insured trading signals which will protect your funds against losses. Below is a guide on how to use the services available on our website for fast and secure trading.

Register an account through with the following link;  This will send you to your amaffx account. This account allows to to make deposits/withdrawals and view the balance/profits earned in your MT4 trader account.

After registering you will be provided with a confirmation email containing the username and password for your MT4 trading account.

From your Amaffx account make a request to deposit the desired amount of funds which, after confirmation can be used to trade.

You can download the MT4 application through the following link then use the details provided in the email to log in to your personal MT4 trading account.

Through the MT4 application, users can make trades on the forex market through a forex registered broker such as who you have now registered with.

Register with our partner company for insured trading signals which you can use to begin copy-trading immediately.

After selecting an amount of funds to trade with through ktaexpert signals you can view your trading progress in your MT4 account.

All trades done through ktaexpert provided signals will be insured for 3 months, in which time you can not withdraw your initial deposit but can still withdraw any earned profits.

For all account and trading assistance you can contact amaffx support through our online chat or visit for more contact options.

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