Our regular customers can appreciate the advantages of our loyalty program – which can be either just a promotional voucher, a convenient function, or be expressed in a decent monetary equivalent, depending on the conditions of the promo.

Subscribe to our promotions and get bonuses to trading operations, deposits, reduce spreads and even trade for free.

Any of our traders, investors and even subscribers can take advantage of the bonuses.

Deposit Bonus UP to 8% !

First Top-Up Bonus

For those who have not yet traded with us, we propose to go through a short registration, and you can receive a bonus for trading currency pairs up to 8% of the deposit.

Deposit: $ 100k + ⟶  + 8% Bonus
Deposit: $ 50k + ⟶  + 7% Bonus
Deposit: $ 30k + ⟶  + 6% Bonus
Deposit: $ 10k + ⟶  + 5% Bonus
Deposit: $ 5k + ⟶  + 4% Bonus
Deposit: $ 1k + ⟶  + 3% Bonus
Deposit: $ 100 + ⟶  + 2% Bonus

And Insurance for your Risk

The ability to copy different strategies, switch on the fly, and full control over the account made Copy-Trading an understandable investment tool.


Partner Signals Bonus

Subscribe to signals from our partners KTA Expert and get bonuses under special conditions.

Insurance Program

Copy the transactions of our partners in the copy-trading system and we will insure your transactions against losses.

Forex Broker

We provide our clients with first-class liquidity and advanced execution without dealing 

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